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Edunial Admission Expo-2022 (Aligarh)


Edunial Admission Expo-2022 (Aligarh) is a one-day educational exhibition at Aligarh (UP) respectively for the high school/ intermediate and university students who are seeking to further their education in distinguished Indian and overseas institutions. Organized by Edunial Infotech, this one-day exhibition at Aligarh City will host over 30 top universities and colleges for India and abroad.

Edunial Admission Expo-2022 will be held on 12th of June at Hotel Lemon Tree, Marris Road, Aligarh
Principal / Counsellor Meet: 12th of June 7-30 PM to 9-30 PM followed by Dinner

Edunial Admission Expo-2022 at (Aligarh), aim to provide an educational platform for prospective students to directly interact with representatives from universities, colleges and academic institutions to further obtain help in planning and making informed decisions prior to further their studies at those institutions. Representatives from respective academic institutions will share with the students the dos and don’ts of Universities / College applications.
Edunial Admission Expo–2022 (Aligarh) expecting approximately 600 visitors during the day. We expect even more students to come as we utilize an extensive promotional campaign that spans across various channels- including outdoor, print and online.
This event will also become an annual large-scale reunion and gathering of Indian and overseas academic institutions. The organizers also hope to strengthen the network among Indian and international academic institutions with prospective students.


⦁ To educate the public, particularly students and parents, about higher education.
⦁ To provide room for institutional representatives to share knowledge and thoughts on Indian and overseas education with prospective students.
⦁ To help students know educational choices available for them in order to make informed decisions in planning their education.
⦁ To provide a bridge for direct interaction and information-sharing between prospective students and their parents with representatives of academic institutions.
⦁ To enhance educational ties between Indian and overseas universities.


⦁ To attract at least 600 prospective School, Colleges and University students from top schools and their parents to the Edunial Admission Expo–2022 at Aligarh City.
⦁ To invite more than 20 universities, colleges and academic institute to participate by setting up booths in the event.

Proposed date and venue:

Edunial Admission Expo–2022 will be held at Hotel Lemon Tree, Marris Road, Aligarh on 12th of June 2022. The exhibition will be accessible to the public from 10:00 to 17:00.

The event will consist of two components:

Edunial Admission Expo – 2022 (Aligarh)
As the main component of the Admission Expo, the exhibition will consist of booths from participating universities and colleges. The education booths will be facilitated by representatives from universities and colleges. Facilitator will have the opportunity to share with students on the application process and life on campus, answer any questions that students may have as well as SPOT ADMISSIONS.

Event Promotion and Publicity:

As previously mentioned, we utilize an extensive promotional campaign that spans across various channels – including outdoor, print and social media. Facebook page will provide interested students, teachers and parents a preview and overview of the event, continuous updates on specific event details, as well as useful information on Indian and overseas education.

10+2 and Colleges:

Prior to the day, Edunial will distribute posters and flyers bearing the event details of Edunial Admission Expo-2022 (Aligarh) to local educational institutions. These institutions include coaching centers, major points and pre-university program providers. To help create greater awareness and interest within these institutions, Edunial representatives will conduct visits to actively promote Edunial Admission Expo–2022 (Aligarh) a few weeks before the event. These road shows will also enable the committee to interact directly with students, teachers. Flyers, posters and other promotional material will be distributed to each school in person or through mail.

Exhibitor Details:
All exhibitors who participate in this event are entitled the following:
⦁ Table and 4 chairs (interview style)
⦁ Lighting
⦁ 1 x lunch and 2 x coffee breaks throughout exhibition.
⦁ Two-night accommodation.

Media coverage is vital in attracting a wider and more diverse audience. This event will be covered in all leading local dailies (Amar Ujala, Danik Jagran, and Hindi Hindustan)

Introductory Price:

⦁ Introductory price: Rupees 65,000/- only
⦁ For international participants: $870 USD/- only
⦁ Venue: Hotel Lemon Tree, Marris Road, Aligarh (UP)
⦁ Date: 12th of June 2022.
⦁ Post Event Support: we can provide assistance in setting up an effective follow-up program after your departure to re-engage students and accelerate your conversions.

We sincerely look forward to partnering with your institutions in this Edunial Admission Expo–2022 (Aligarh) This exhibition is truly an excellent opportunity for your organization to get connected with incoming and prospective students from Aligarh and Hathras district in (UP). Don’t miss out on it!